Accounting: Outstanding balances

GET accounting/outstandingbalances

Get outstanding balance items

GET accounting/outstandingbalances/print/{partnerId}/{date}

Get outstanding balance DTO for PDF generation.

GET accounting/outstandingbalances/aging

Get aging balance

GET accounting/outstandingbalances/print/{partnerId}/{date}/overdue

Get overdue balance DTO for PDF generation.

Common: Currencies

GET common/currencies

Get list of all currencies ordered by code.

GET common/currencies/{id}

Get currency by ID.

GET common/currencies/search

Search currencies by code.

Finance reports: Profit

GET finance/reports/profit

Get expense report items.

Payroll: Residences

GET payroll/residences

Get payroll residences.

GET payroll/residences/{id}

Get payroll residence by ID.

POST payroll/residences

Add new residence.

POST payroll/residences/batch

Add new residences.

PUT payroll/residences

Update residence.

PUT payroll/residences/batch

Update residences.

DELETE payroll/residences/{id}

Delete residence.

Partners cataloge

GET common/partners

Get list of partners ordered by name.

GET common/partners/{id}

Get partner by ID.

GET common/partners/search

Search partners by name or VAT.

POST common/partners

Add new partner.

PUT common/partners

Update partner.

PUT common/partners/safeupdate

Safely update partner without changing name and VAT.

PUT common/partners/save

Save partner. Updates existing or adds new partner if partner's ID is zero

Payroll: Employees

GET payroll/employees

Get all employees.

GET payroll/employees/{id}

Get employee by ID.

GET payroll/employees/search

Search employees by name.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/contracts

Get employee's contracts.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/additionsdeductions

Get employee's additions and deductions.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/taxbreaks

Get employee's tax breaks.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/contributions

Get employee's payroll contributions.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/residences

Get employee's residences.

POST payroll/employees

Add new employee.

PUT payroll/employees

Update employee.

DELETE payroll/employees/{id}

Delete employee.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/forms/ip/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of employee's yearly IP form.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/forms/card/file/{type}

No documentation available.

GET payroll/employees/{id}/forms/statement/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of employee's statement.


GET common/organization

Get organization info.

Service groups cataloge

GET finance/documents/services/groups

Get all service groups.

GET finance/documents/services/groups/{id}

Get service group by ID

GET finance/documents/services/groups/{id}/services

Get group's services.

GET finance/documents/services/groups/search

Search service groups by name.

POST finance/documents/services/groups

Add new service group.

PUT finance/documents/services/groups

Update service group

DELETE finance/documents/services/groups/{id}

Delete service group.

GET finance/documents/services/groups/{id}/settings

Get all settings for service group.

POST finance/documents/services/groups/{id}/settings

Add new group setting.

PUT finance/documents/services/groups/{id}/settings

Update group setting

DELETE finance/documents/services/groups/{id}/settings/{category}

Delete service group setting.

Common: Chart of accounts

GET common/coa

Filter chart of accounts.

GET common/coa/{id}

Get account by ID.

GET common/coa/find/{id}

Find account by ID.

GET common/coa/search

Search chart of accounts by name or ID.

GET common/coa/search/all

Search the entire chart of accounts by name or ID.

GET common/coa/all

Search chart of accounts by name or ID.

POST common/coa

Create new account in Chart of Accounts.

PUT common/coa

Update account in Chart of Accounts.

Finance reports: Sales

GET external/reports/sales/{key}

Get sales report items.

Travel orders

POST travel/orders/joppd/{date}

Get JOPPD file for travel orders.

POST travel/orders/payments/{date}

Generate payment orders for travel orders

Common: Schemas

GET common/schemas

Filter all schemas.

GET common/schemas/{id}

Get schema by ID.

GET common/schemas/search

Search schemas by name and document category ID.

Payroll: Additions and deductions

GET payroll/additionsdeductions

Get payroll additions and deductions.

GET payroll/additionsdeductions/{id}

Get addition or deduction by ID.

GET payroll/additionsdeductions/types

Get list of addition and deduction types.

POST payroll/additionsdeductions

Add new addition or deduction.

POST payroll/additionsdeductions/batch

Add new additions or deductions.

PUT payroll/additionsdeductions

Update addition or deduction.

PUT payroll/additionsdeductions/batch

Update additions or deductions.

DELETE payroll/additionsdeductions/{id}

Delete Addition or deduction.

Payroll: Contracts

GET payroll/contracts

Get payroll contracts.

GET payroll/contracts/{id}

Get contract by ID.

GET payroll/contracts/employmenttypes

Get list of employment types.

POST payroll/contracts

Add new contract.

PUT payroll/contracts

Update contract.

DELETE payroll/contracts/{id}

Delete contract.

GET payroll/contracts/{id}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of employee's contract.

Finance: Payable documents

GET finance/documents/payables

Filter all payable documents.

GET finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Get payable document.

GET finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/files

Get original files list of specific document.

GET finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/files/{guid}

Get download file link.

POST finance/documents/payables

Create new payable document.

PUT finance/documents/payables

Update payable document.

PUT finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/payment

Set payable document payment.

DELETE finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Delete payable document.

PUT finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/approve

Approve payable document

PUT finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/unlock

Unlock payable document.

POST finance/documents/payables/copy

Copy payable document.

GET finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Get payable document's items.

POST finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Add item to payable document.

PUT finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Update payable document's item.

DELETE finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items/{item}

Delete payable document's item.

POST finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/files/upload

Upload document's PDF file.

DELETE finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/files

Delete all document's PDF files.

DELETE finance/documents/payables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/files/{guid}

Delete document's PDF file.

Finance: Cash registers

GET finance/cashregisters/items

Get unregistered cash register items.

GET finance/cashregisters/items/{year}/{id}

Get cash register item by ID.

GET finance/cashregisters/items/{year}/{id}/print

Get cash register item DTO for PDF generation.

POST finance/cashregisters/items

Add new cash register item.

PUT finance/cashregisters/items

Update cash register item.

DELETE finance/cashregisters/items/{year}/{id}

Delete cash register item.

GET finance/cashregisters

Get list of cash registers.

GET finance/cashregisters/{year}/{id}

Get cash register by ID.

GET finance/cashregisters/{year}/{id}/print

Get cash register DTO for PDF generation.

GET finance/cashregisters/{year}/{id}/items

Get cash register's items.

POST finance/cashregisters

Add new cash register.

POST finance/cashregisters/create/{year}

Create cash register from unregistered items.

PUT finance/cashregisters

Update cash register.

DELETE finance/cashregisters/{year}/{id}

Delete cash register.

GET finance/cashregisters/types/{category}

Get cash register types by category.

GET finance/cashregisters/types

Get cash register types.

POST finance/cashregisters/types

Add new cash register type.

PUT finance/cashregisters/types

Update cash register type.

DELETE finance/cashregisters/types/{id}

Delete cash register type.

Banking: Statements

GET banking/statements

Filter all bank statements.

GET banking/statements/{year}/{id}

Get bank statement by ID.

POST banking/statements/{year}/{id}/post

Post statement to accounting.

POST banking/statements/files/upload

Upload statement file.

GET banking/statements/files/fetch

Fetch all bank statements

POST banking/statements/files/import

Import all fetched statemnts


GET finance/projects

Get all projects.

GET finance/projects/{id}

Get project by ID

GET finance/projects/search

Search projects by name.

POST finance/projects

Add new project.

PUT finance/projects

Update project

DELETE finance/projects/{id}

Delete project.

Finance: VAT summary tax form

GET finance/vat/forms/summaries

Get summaries tax forms.

GET finance/vat/forms/summaries/{date}

Get summaries tax form by ID and date.

GET finance/vat/forms/summaries/{date}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of summary tax form.

GET finance/vat/forms/summaries/{date}/file/xml

Get summary tax form as XML document.

PUT finance/vat/forms/summaries/{date}/approve

Approve summary tax form.

PUT finance/vat/forms/summaries/{date}/unlock

Unlock summary tax form.

Payroll: Contributions

GET payroll/contributions

Get payroll contributions.

GET payroll/contributions/{id}

Get payroll contribution by ID.

GET payroll/contributions/types

Get list of payroll contribution types.

POST payroll/contributions

Add new contribution.

POST payroll/contributions/batch

Add new contributions.

PUT payroll/contributions

Update contribution.

PUT payroll/contributions/batch

Update contributions.

DELETE payroll/contributions/{id}

Delete contribution.

Assets: Locations

GET assets/locations

Get list of all asset locations.

GET assets/locations/{id}

Get location by ID.

POST assets/locations

Add new location.

PUT assets/locations

Update location.

DELETE assets/locations/{id}

Delete location.

Accounting: Posts

GET accounting/posts

Get posts by category.

GET accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Get post by ID.

POST accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/file/pdf

Generate PDF document of post.

POST accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/file/download

Download PDF document of post.

GET accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Get post items.

GET accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items/{itemId}

Get post item by ID.

GET accounting/analytics/{id}/posts

Get post items by analytics ID.

POST accounting/posts

Add new post.

PUT accounting/posts

Update post.

DELETE accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Delete post (not implemented).

POST accounting/posts/copy

Copy accounting posts.

POST accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Add items to post.

PUT accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Update post items.

PUT accounting/posts/{year}/{organizationalUnit}/{category}/{id}/items/{itemId}/open

Open closed post item.


POST retail/stocktransactions/import

Import retail documents into finance.

POST retail/stocktransactions/import/all

Import retail documents into finance.

GET retail/stocktransactions

Get periods for document import

GET retail/stocktransactions/refreshamounts

Common: Postcodes

GET common/countries/{country}/postcodes

Get list of all postcodes for country by page.

GET common/postcodes/search

Search postcodes by code or name.

Finance: VAT tax forms

GET finance/vat/forms/receivables

Get receivables tax forms.

GET finance/vat/forms/receivables/{id}/{date}

Get receivables tax form by ID and date.

GET finance/vat/forms/payables

Get payable tax forms.

GET finance/vat/forms/payables/{id}/{date}

Get payable tax form by ID and date.

GET finance/vat/forms/eu

Get EU tax forms.

PUT finance/vat/forms/{id}/{date}/approve

Approve tax form.

PUT finance/vat/forms/{id}/{date}/unlock

Unlock tax form.

GET finance/vat/forms/{id}/{date}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of tax form.

GET finance/vat/forms/{id}/{date}/file/xml

Get EU tax form as XML document.

GET finance/vat/forms/ppo

Get PPO tax forms.

GET finance/vat/forms/ppo/{date}

Get PPO tax form by date.

GET finance/vat/forms/ppo/{date}/file/xml

Get PPO tax form as XML document.

GET finance/vat/forms/opzstat

Get OPZ-STAT tax forms.

GET finance/vat/forms/opzstat/{date}

Get OPZ-STAT tax form by date.

GET finance/vat/forms/opzstat/{date}/file/xml

Get OPZ-STAT tax form as XML document.

Finance reports: Expenses

GET finance/reports/expenses

Get expense report items.

GET finance/reports/expenses/chart

Get expense chart items.

GET finance/reports/expenses/totals

Get expense totals.

Payroll: Positions

GET payroll/positions

Get all positions.

GET payroll/positions/{id}

Get position by ID.

GET payroll/positions/search

Search positions by name.

GET payroll/positions/search/v2

Search positions by name.

POST payroll/positions

Add new position.

PUT payroll/positions

Update position.

DELETE payroll/positions/{id}

Delete position.

Banking: Banks

GET banking/banks

Search banks by NBC, SWIFT and name.

GET banking/banks/{id}

Get bank by ID

Security: Token redirect for support

POST security/token/redirect

No documentation available.

Common: Countries

GET common/countries

Get list of all countries.

GET common/countries/{id}

Get country by ID.

GET common/countries/search

Search countries by name.

Payroll: Work categories

GET payroll/work/categories

Get pagable list of work categories.

GET payroll/work/categories/{id}

Get work category by ID.

GET payroll/work/categories/search

Search work categories by name.

Payroll: Resolutions

GET payroll/resolutions

Get payroll resolutions.

GET payroll/resolutions/{id}

Get payroll resolution by ID.

POST payroll/resolutions

Add new resolution.

PUT payroll/resolutions

Update resolution.

DELETE payroll/resolutions/{id}

Delete resolution.

Chart of accounts analytics

GET common/coa/analytics/{id}

Get COA analytics by ID.

GET common/coa/analytics/search

Search COA analytics by name.

Common: Municipalites

GET common/municipalites/search

Search municipalites by name.

Banking: Balance

GET banking/balance

Get organization's bank balance

Payroll: Tax breaks

GET payroll/taxbreaks

Get payroll tax breaks.

GET payroll/taxbreaks/{id}

Get payroll tax break by ID.

GET payroll/taxbreaks/types

Get list of payroll tax break types.

POST payroll/taxbreaks

Add new tax break.

POST payroll/taxbreaks/batch

Add new tax break.

PUT payroll/taxbreaks

Update tax break.

PUT payroll/taxbreaks/batch

Update tax breaks.

DELETE payroll/taxbreaks/{id}

Delete tax break.

Banking: Payment orders

GET banking/paymentorders

Filter all payment orders.

GET banking/paymentorders/{year}/{id}

Get payment order.

POST banking/paymentorders

Add new payment order.

PUT banking/paymentorders

Update payment order.

PUT banking/paymentorders/checkprocessed

Check if payment orders are processed

DELETE banking/paymentorders/{year}/{id}

Delete payment order.

DELETE banking/paymentorders

Delete payment orders.

POST banking/paymentorders/copy

Copy payment orders.

POST banking/paymentorders/file/{year}

Create SEPA file link for bank authorization.

POST banking/paymentorders/file

Create SEPA file link for bank authorization.

POST banking/paymentorders/file/convert/hub3

Convert HUB3 to SEPA file for bank authorization.

GET banking/paymentorders/{year}/{id}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of payment order.

Banking: Partners' bank accounts

GET banking/accounts/partners/{id}

No documentation available.

Accounting: Balance Sheet

GET accounting/balancesheets

Get balance sheet.

GET accounting/balancesheets/accounts

Get account sheet.

GET accounting/balancesheets/print/{partnerId}/{date}

Get partner balance sheet DTO for PDF generation.

Finance reports: Sales

GET finance/reports/sales

Get sales report items.

GET finance/reports/sales/{key}

Get sales report items.

GET finance/reports/sales/chart

Get sales report chart.

GET finance/reports/sales/totals

Get sales totals.

Payroll: Periods

GET payroll/periods

Get all periods.

GET payroll/periods/{id}

Get period by ID.

POST payroll/periods

Add new payroll period.

POST payroll/periods/add

Auto generate next payroll period.

PUT payroll/periods

Update payroll period.

PUT payroll/periods/{id}/approve

Approve payroll period.

PUT payroll/periods/{id}/unlock

Unlock payroll period.

DELETE payroll/periods/{id}

Delete payroll period.

POST payroll/periods/{id}/paymentorders

Generate payment orders.

GET payroll/periods/{id}/paysheets/{employee}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of employee's paysheet.

GET payroll/periods/{id}/paysheets/ip1/{employee}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of employee's IP1 paysheet form.

GET payroll/periods/{id}/file/{type}

Generate PDF document of payroll period.

GET payroll/periods/{id}/forms/joppd/file/xml

Generate XML document of JOPPD form.

GET payroll/periods/{periodId}/paysheets/{employeeId}/print

Get DTO for paysheet print

GET payroll/periods/{periodId}/paysheets/print

Get DTOs for paysheet print

Payroll: Reports

GET payroll/reports

Get all reports for employees.

Assets: Types

GET assets/categories/{id}

Get asset type category by ID.

GET assets/categories

Get list of all asset type categories.

GET assets/types/{id}

Get type by ID.

GET assets/types

Get list of all asset types.

POST assets/types

Add new type.

PUT assets/types

Update asset type.

DELETE assets/types/{id}

Delete asset type.

Cost centers

GET common/organization/costcenters

No documentation available.

GET common/organization/costcenters/{id}

No documentation available.

POST common/organization/costcenters

No documentation available.

PUT common/organization/costcenters

No documentation available.

Services cataloge

GET finance/documents/services

Get all services.

GET finance/documents/services/{id}

Get service by ID

GET finance/documents/services/search

Search services by name.

POST finance/documents/services

Add new service.

PUT finance/documents/services

Update service

DELETE finance/documents/services/{id}

Delete service.

Security settings: organizations

GET security/organizations

Get list of organizations that are available for authenticated user.

PUT security/organizations/switch/{id}

Switch current organization.


GET assets

Get list of assets.

GET assets/{id}

Get asset by ID.

POST assets

Add new asset.

PUT assets

Update asset.

DELETE assets/{id}

Delete asset.

Finance: Receivable documents

GET finance/documents/receivables

Filter all receivable documents.

GET finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Get receivable document.

POST finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/file/pdf

Generate PDF document of receivable document.

POST finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/file/download

Download PDF document of receivable document.

POST finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/send

Send receivable document PDF to e-mail recipient.

GET finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Get receivable document's items.

POST finance/documents/receivables

Create new receivable document.

PUT finance/documents/receivables

Update receivable document.

DELETE finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}

Delete receivable document.

PUT finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/approve

Approve receivable document

PUT finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/unlock

Unlock receivable document.

POST finance/documents/receivables/copy

Copy receivable documents.

POST finance/documents/receivables/deliver

Create one final receivable document based on one or more receivables.

POST finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Add items to receivable document.

POST finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/item

Add one item to receivable document.

PUT finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Update receivable document's items.

PUT finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items/{itemid}/note

Update receivable document item's multiline note.

DELETE finance/documents/receivables/{year}/{organizationalunit}/{category}/{id}/items

Delete receivable document's item.

GET finance/documents/receivables/cis/test

Test if CIS is working.

GET finance/documents/receivables/cis/certificate

Get certificate string.

GET finance/documents/receivables/cis/register

Register fiscal unit.

POST finance/documents/receivables/cis/sign

Sign invoice

Common: Organizational units.

GET common/organization/units

Get all organizational units.

GET common/organization/units/{id}

Get organizational unit by ID.


GET common/organization/employee

Get current user employee info

GET common/organization/employees

Get list of all employees

GET common/organization/employees/{id}

Get employee info by ID


POST retail/documents/import

Import retail documents into finance.

GET retail/documents

Get periods for document import

Payroll: Done work

GET payroll/periods/{period}/donework

Get all done work in period.

POST payroll/periods/{period}/donework/generate

Generate work for payroll period.

POST payroll/periods/{period}/donework/{employee}/generate

Generate work for payroll period.

DELETE payroll/periods/{period}/donework/clear

Clear all done work in payroll period.

DELETE payroll/periods/{period}/donework/{employee}/clear

Clear employee's done work in payroll period.

POST payroll/periods/{period}/donework/{employee}

Add period work.

PUT payroll/periods/{period}/donework

Update period work.

PUT payroll/periods/{period}/donework/batch

Update period work list.

DELETE payroll/periods/{period}/donework/{employee}/{id}

Delete done work

Banking: Transactions

GET banking/transactions

Filter all transactions.

GET banking/transactions/{year}/{id}

Get transaction by ID.

GET banking/transactions/incoming

Filter income transactions.

PUT banking/transactions/{year}/{id}/cancel

Cancel transaction processing.

PUT banking/transactions/process

Process transactions.

PUT banking/transactions/{year}/{id}/close

Close balance items with transaction.

Assets: Changes

GET assets/{asset}/changes/{year}

Get asset's changes in a year.

GET assets/{asset}/changes/{year}/{id}

Get asset's change by ID.

POST assets/{asset}/changes

Add new asset's change.

PUT assets/{asset}/changes

Update asset's change.

DELETE assets/{asset}/changes/{year}/{id}

Delete asset.

Finance: Payment methods

GET finance/documents/paymentmethods

Get available payment methods.

GET finance/documents/paymentmethods/{id}

Get payment method by ID.

Banking: Exchange rates

GET banking/exchangerates/{id}

Get currency exchange rates.

GET banking/exchangerates/{id}/{date}

Get currency exchange rate on date.

GET banking/exchangerates/{date}

Get available exchange rates on date.

Banking: Bank accounts

GET banking/accounts

No documentation available.

GET banking/accounts/{id}

No documentation available.

GET banking/accounts/{bban}

No documentation available.

POST banking/accounts

Add new company account.

PUT banking/accounts

Update company account